Aaron Dilloway

Modern Jester

BY Bryon HayesPublished Feb 14, 2012

With four sides of vinyl as his canvas, former Wolf Eyes member Aaron Dilloway casts a wide net across a violent sea of tape loops. Three years in the making, Modern Jester is a heavily mutated assemblage of sound in which Dilloway's uncontested talent ― a truly nefarious form of sonic alchemy ― is on display. No charlatan, the maestro voices his mission statement early in the proceedings. "Eight Cut Scars (for Robert Turman)" is a decidedly cerebrum-shearing cacophony that begins as a heavily distorted melody played at high speed and then cascades into a maelstrom of mind-boggling metallic splinters. Spanning an entire side of vinyl, the "Body Chaos" suite includes unidentifiable percussion, jarring samples and an overall slow burn that rewards the patient listener. As always, Dilloway effortlessly subsumes more subtle organic tones within a matrix of manic ecstasy, crafting a multi-textured and hermetic brand of noise.

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