A Toronto-Born Producer's Voice-Cloning Company Used AI to Translate Lauv's New Single to Korean

Watch DJ Swivel's recording process now

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Nov 9, 2023

As his peers pick sides in the Great AI Debate of 2023, Lauv has employed the divisive tech to translate his latest single "Love U Like That" from English to Korean — and recorded the process with the help of the AI's creator, Toronto-born producer DJ Swivel. 

Swivel, who won a Grammy for his work on Beyoncé's "Love on Top," has experimented with multiple software plug-ins over the years, but recently branched out to the world of AI when he founded the voice cloning company Hooky. 

Lauv said in the video that his prominent Korean fanbase inspired him to make a Korean version of "Love U Like That," so Swivel reached out to K-Pop singer Kevin Woo to help translate. They used Hooky to create a model of Lauv's voice in order to change Woo's Korean singing to make it sound like his own.  

"I think it's dope that there's somebody involved that is natively translating," Lauv said of Woo's participation. "Having something that intentionally creates a deeper connection between me and the [Korean] audience through the song, and maybe their connection with the song." 

Swivel addressed the concerns surrounding the tech, which has been expressed more widely in the film industry, but also in the music industry, with Drake and the Weeknd's AI-created collab "Heart on My Sleeve" facing plenty of backlash of its own. 

"We want to make sure that artists are in control of their voice," Swivel said. "We see deepfakes and these things happen, and sometimes they're funny or whatever ... sometimes it can be unhealthy, and so we want to make sure we try to steer things in the direction we want it to go."

Watch Swivel, Lauv and Woo record the Korean version of "Love U Like That" and listen to the final product below.


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