A Forensics Expert Believes Banksy Is Gorillaz Founder Jamie Hewlett

A new lead in the hunt for Banky's real identity
A Forensics Expert Believes Banksy Is Gorillaz Founder Jamie Hewlett
Last year proved to be a wild one in the neverending search for the real identity of anonymous graffiti artist Banksy, with Goldie hinting that it could very well be Massive Attack's Robert "3D" Del Naja and Ja Rule continuing the hunt on his own. Now, the UK's Metro reports that a forensics expert has claims that artist and Gorillaz founder Jamie Hewlett could be the notorious graffiti king.

The site's source, who asked Metro to remain anonymous over fear of getting "hate mail for unmasking him," has collected a trove of data that shows one "J Hewlett" is associated with every company known to be connected to graffiti artist.

"I really believe it could be Jamie Hewlett," the source told the site. "Or at least he seems to own all things Banksy."

Metro reports that the expert discovered the data trail through incorporation website Companies House. From there, he breaks down the links between the companies in question that have ties to Hewlett.

"Paranoid Pictures, sole production company of Banksy's documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop, is owned by Pest Control Office ltd, the agency used to buy Banksy art," he explained. "Pest Control Office is owned by Picturesonwalls Limited, a company used to sell prints of other street artists. Picturesonwalls Ltd. is owned by Jamie Hewlett. Therefore, it seems Jamie Hewlett is the ultimate beneficial owner of all Banksy companies, so if he isn't Banksy, he must be very close to him."

Metro notes that Banksy's publicist, Joanna Brooks, wrote in an email that "I can confirm that Jamie Hewlitt is not the artist Banksy." Noting the spelling error, Metro's source responded, "It's Jamie Hewlett, not Hewlitt. Not sure if that's them being technical?"

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