A. Billi Free

I Luma

BY Ryan B. PatrickPublished Sep 23, 2019

This album is a vibe. A. Billi Free teams up with Chicago production crew Tensei, aka Kramer & Midas Wells, to create an 11-track project that washes over listeners, its jazz, soul, electronic and pop sensibilities laid bare.
The boom-bap of "Movement," the playful vocals of "Feel It Coming" and the electro-jazz stance of "Rushing In" all orbit around an overarching theme of self-discovery. The singer-songwriter hails from the American Midwest and Southwest and it shows — A. Billi Free patiently works the angles and dabbles in the respective genres with casualness that belies the craft at work.
It's frothy and slick, enveloping you in a warm, cozy vibe that you don't want to unwrap from. If you're a fan of Jamila Woods-ish grooves, I Luma is in your wheelhouse.
(Tokyo Dawn)

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