Teaser Trailer

BY Josiah HughesPublished Mar 8, 2016

Earlier this year, we announced that director Mitchell Stafiej had teamed up with Alex Zhang Hungtai (Last Lizard, Dirty Beaches) and Romy Lightman (Tasseomancy) to star in his new feature film A. Now, Exclaim! is happy to share the film's first trailer with you.

As previously reported, Hungtai stars as Konrad, a musician who goes on a seven-day bender as he tries to finish a new album. The film portrays his unravelling as a waking nightmare.

That's certainly true in the 50-second teaser trailer, which pairs ambient sound and quiet dialogue with strange visuals.

Watch the teaser below. The film is currently in its post-production phase, with plans for it to be released this summer. Funds are being raised to complete the project 

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