50 Cent "Don't Worry Bout It" (video)

50 Cent 'Don't Worry Bout It' (video)
50 Cent is on a roll today (March 18), having just unveiled a second video supporting his forthcoming Animal Ambition LP. Fittingly, the rapper is bringing things back in da club for the latest clip, for previously previewed boomer "Don't Worry Bout It."

As we heard earlier, the track figures big with wavy synth sounds and a rolling piano melody, with 50 weighing in with bars about how he gets his riches are just none of your damn business. We're more concerned that the rapper is fence-sitting representing both the Sixers and the Celtics in the clip. Just pick a squad, guy.

You can catch 50 Cent dancin', ballin' and drinkin' with bros and gals alike in the player down below.