-16- "Her Little Accident" (video)

-16- 'Her Little Accident' (video)
Long-running L.A. sludgesters -16- recently delivered their pummelling new platter Deep Cuts from Dark Clouds, and have now offered up a dark and heavy video clip to match the intensity of album track "Her Little Accident."

The bulk of the band bash out the down-tuned stomper in a tightly packed room, but singer Cris Jerue gets his creep on in an adjoining room, fondling teddy bears and shotgun shells as he unravels a tale about a man's violent and obsessive nature.

The video splices in crime scene footage, shots of a woman angrily packing up her things, and a constant barrage of murder/suicide-themed headlines, making for a reasonably uncomfortable watch.

Spoiler: it seems the girl got away, but things still get splattery as the clip concludes. It's not exactly NSFW, but still a little tough to stomach. You can catch it down below.