$100 "Blaze of Glory"

$100 'Blaze of Glory'
During the first big snowstorm in Toronto, we had to cancel plans to shoot an episode in Mississauga (it was soooooo snowy!). The result was me desperately e-mailing a bunch of people asking if they wanted to play acoustic in my living room, which would allow me to not leave my house in a snowstorm, which would have been awesome. While my plan didn't quite work out, 10,000 Marbles from Fucked Up eventually got back to me with an idea for an acoustic take on one of the band's songs. His proposal, that we film local country duo-sometimes-trio $100 recording a cover of the band's "Blaze of Glory", was obviously awesome. So a few days post-snowstorm, I trekked down to Little Italy to film this video.

I think the cover the band worked out from the totally-not-country original is astonishingly great. There's not much else to say about it. It's incredible. Pretty much the only thing left intact from Fucked Up's version is the lyrics, but they work just as well in the context fashioned by $100. The song succeeds on a totally different level as a country ballad, as I think any fan of Fucked Up and Hidden World would agree.

Obviously this video is a little bit of a departure from what we've done so far with Exclaim!TV, but I think it's a pretty cool new direction. Not like we're going to abandon asking metal bands about puppies and kittens, or having my grandma ask punk bands about Michael Jackson. But sometimes it's nice to focus on something this sincere.

Check out an interview with $100 here this Wednesday.

Fucked Up "Blaze of Glory"