One Hundred Dollars "Ties That Bind" (video)

One Hundred Dollars 'Ties That Bind' (video)
Following last year's Songs of Man, Toronto roots crew One Hundred Dollars have rolled out a video for the barrelling album cut "Ties That Band," and it captures the band's backwoods vibe nicely.

The description accompanying this clip on YouTube notes that it was shot by filmmaker Devin Lund using black and white Super 8 film. It was captured en route to a show in Hamilton, ON, and the footage was inspired by DIY vintage photography styles.

As the blurb notes, "The raw aesthetic evokes the band's timeless sound. Devin's intention was to take viewers on the road with the band."

In that case, mission accomplished, since this video looks as if it could have been shot anytime in the last hundred years or so (were it not for the modern cars on the road).