Woody Allen's 57-Year Personal Archive Reveals a "Vivid Obsession with Young Women and Girls"

Woody Allen's 57-Year Personal Archive Reveals a 'Vivid Obsession with Young Women and Girls'
The Harvey Weinstein scandal launched a massive purge in Hollywood, as multiple men with histories of sexual misconduct were outed and, in some cases, removed from their positions. One person who hasn't really faced the "witch hunt" he outspokenly feared was Woody Allen, the veteran director who continues to work with A-listers despite rumours of pedophilia. Perhaps the tide is turning, however, as a Washington Post investigation has confirmed Allen's deep obsession with young girls.

Allen's 57-year personal archive, which contains 56 boxes of material, has been housed at Princeton University's Firestone Library since 1980. Washington Post writer Richard Morgan is the first person to ever read the archive in its entirety.

Morgan shared his findings in a new piece and, well, it should come as no surprise that Allen's writings are creepy as fuck. So much so that the piece is simply titled, "I read decades of Woody Allen's private notes. He's obsessed with teenage girls."

Among Morgan's discoveries is The Filmmaker, an abandoned screenplay about a documentarian who becomes a porn director. He becomes obsessed with a young schizophrenic woman that he meets at a mental hospital, and eventually leaves his wife for her.

In the screenplay, the lead character's name is simply Woody Allen.

Of course, Allen famously had his 42-year-old character date a 17-year-old in his 1979 film Manhattan, a few years before he started a real-life relationship with then teenager Soon-Yi Previn (who is now Allen's wife). But Morgan's investigation reveals numerous other stories of Allen obsessing over younger, often underage women.

"All art is partly autobiographical — it comes from inside someone's mind, inside their soul," Morgan wrote. "Allen's archive shows what is inside his."

Read the full piece here.