What the Bleep!?: Down The Rabbit Hole Mark Vincente

If you go see What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole expecting a sequel to the 2004 cult hit, you'll likely say "What the bleep is this, some kind of rip-off!?"

While it certainly looks like a sequel to the popular film, it's not; it is an "evolution." Meaning an extra 40 or so minutes have been tacked on to the original. Now, What The Bleep, which some already considered a tad tedious, runs an ungainly 151 minutes.

For those who haven't seen the first film, the evolved version is probably the better choice. They've cut back on the annoying Marly Matlin scenes and filled it out with more interview footage with scholars discussing metaphysical mysteries. "Perception is reality," they all suggest with wild wonder in their eyes. People whose lives were changed by reading The Celestine Prophecy will eat it up. If you thought it was a bunch of bunk, this movie is going to seem like bogus pseudoscience.

The scholars posit, "anything is possible if we believe it." The possibilities they describe require a leap of faith though. Critics say these scientists depend on quantum theory for too many of the answers. Either way, What the Bleep!? does offer an interesting examination of the possibilities. But how many naïve college kids will leave the theatre with all sorts of wacky beliefs to embarrass themselves with?

The weak points are the remaining dramatic sequences with Matlin and three new, goofy cartoons illustrating some of the more intriguing mysteries of the quantum world. (Capri)