Wedding Crashers David Dobkin

Wedding Crashers David Dobkin
You really can't go wrong if you pair a Wilson brother with the comedic likes of Vince Vaughn. In this case it's Owen Wilson finally playing the role of the leading man who gets the girl, but even though Wilson lands the coveted role, it's Vaughn who absolutely steals every scene he graces.

John (Wilson) and Jeremy (Vaughn) have no shame in crashing weddings for the sake of getting drunk and, more importantly, getting laid. Their rituals are well documented in a great opening montage of multi-national ceremonies, all including fast-paced one-liners, intoxicated dances and cheap tactics to bed the bridesmaids. Then the pair decides to crash the biggest do of them all, involving the family of the next president of the United States, William Cleary, played by the always incredible Christopher Walken. It was going to just be another crash on a larger scale, but John and Jeremy get dragged deeper into the family when they both get involved with Cleary's hot daughters.

This is when the film begins to fall victim to "recycled plot" syndrome. Before the two friends get roped into the lives of the Cleary family it looked as though Wedding Crashers could have been a fresh idea, but it's a classic case of a man torn between a bundle of lies and true love. Add the jealous fiancé and a last minute disruption attempt at the alter and this film becomes a paint-by-numbers affair with little doubt as to its outcome.

Thankfully the unoriginal outline is filled in with hysterical rants by Vince Vaughn, who rapidly spins a web of incredible insults and comebacks that haven't been seen since Swingers. Owen Wilson takes a backseat in Wedding Crashers, as he plays straight man to Vaughn's comedic assault, but he still manages to throw in some nice moments to balance things out.

Rachel McAdams does an excellent job portraying a radiant and down-to-earth girl, which always makes you wonder why they insist on casting intelligent female characters with chauvinistic boyfriends that are destined to be left behind? In the end it really doesn't matter though, Wedding Crashers doesn't succeed in being original and most likely won't be remembered ten years from now, but with some strong leads and tear-producing moments of comedy, it's as good as these no-brainer films get. (Alliance Atlantis)