Watch Ryan Gosling Perform a Brand New 'Barbie' Song with an Assist from Slash

The Kenergy is strong in this one

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Jul 10, 2023

Simu Liu isn't the only Kenadian promoting Barbie this week. Warner Bros. shared another teaser for the upcoming movie today, giving a glimpse at Ryan Gosling pondering the meaning of life as Ken in the best way he knows how — with a musical number. 

The song, titled "Just Ken," was written by Mark Ronson, who revealed in a red carpet interview with Variety that Guns n' Roses lead guitarist Slash played on not only the rhythm sections, but also the epic solo at the end of the track.

Gosling shows off solid vocals on the song, which takes shape as an '80s power ballad on which he laments his sidekick status and unrequited love for Barbie before coming into his own. 

Watch the music video for "Just Ken" featuring Gosling, Liu and their fellow Kens (including Bob Marley: One Love actor, Kingsley Ben-Adir) below.


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