Watch a Supercut of All the F-Bombs in 'Uncut Gems'

It's a dizzying four minutes of the film's 506 total variations of the word "fuck"
Watch a Supercut of All the F-Bombs in 'Uncut Gems'
Adam Sandler in 'Uncut Gems'
While Jonah Hill remains the individual reigning champion of most foul-mouthed actors, the Safdie brothers sure gave Adam Sandler a running shot last year with Uncut Gems. The film, in all its glorious fuckery, might not be the world-record-holding film for most F-bombs — but now at least we have the ultimate supercut of "fucks" to mark its candidacy.

Thanks to Netflix, you can now watch all 560 of the "fucks" in Uncut Gems in less than five minutes — slimmed down from the film's original 135-minute runtime. 

Despite the film's tremendous use of the word, Uncut Gems is actually outmatched by three other foul-mouthed films for the highest number of F-bombs, with Wolf of Wall Street beating it out by a hair with 569 "fucks"; a documentary about the word, titled F*ck, clocking in at 857 uses; and the reigning champion, Trailer Park Boys-adjacent film, Swearnet: The Movie with 935 total F-bombs.

The Safdies may have lost out on the world record, but they sure gave it their best fucking shot with the A24 comedic crime-thriller.

Revisit the film's "fucks" in the ultimate supercut below.