Victoria Comedy Screening Cancelled After Making White Males Pay More

Backlash over the "justice pricing" model included death threats

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Sep 26, 2017

After a group of comedians in Victoria, BC, recently received backlash over their "justice pricing" plan for a film screening, the operator of the Roxy Theatre has cancelled the event entirely.

As The Hollywood Reporter notes, Blue Bridge Theatre Society president Evan Roberts said he has cancelled the theatre rental agreement with Building the Room director Shiraz Higgins in advance of the screening, which was set to take place this Thursday (September 28).

Organizers had implemented a pricing system that meant "general admission price of $10 (would) be doubled to $20 for all white cisgender males" in an effort to highlight economic disparity. Backlash from the decision included everything from allegations it was a publicity stunt to full-on death threats. 

Though the general admission price for white males was lowered to $15, Roberts told THR that his society "does not believe in, nor does it practice, any form of a prejudicial pricing structure as proposed by Mr. Higgins." He added that the pricing plot was implemented without the Roxy's consent.

"Although it regrets any effect that this decision will have on the several talented artists involved in the making of this film, BBTS feels it cannot support what it sees as irresponsible actions on the part of its organizer," Roberts said.

Higgins has yet to respond to The Hollywood Reporter's request for comment.

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