Vancouver Horror Show Film Festival Announces 2019 Lineup

Vancouver Horror Show Film Festival Announces 2019 Lineup
After a sold-out inaugural year in 2018, the Vancouver Horror Show Film Festival is returning for its sophomore year this fall. And as could be expected, there are plenty of films on deck to get you scared at VHS.

Taking place at Commercial Drive's York Theatre on October 25 and 26, VHS has announced its 32 short films selected for the festival, as well as one feature-length film titled Puppet Killer.

The films hail from nine different countries and range in theme from cyber-horror to comedy-horror, to tales of possession and post-apocalyptic survival. The program features films from all over the world and boasts 50 percent Canadian content.

See the festival's website here for more details and to purchase tickets go to the event's tickets page here.

View the festival's full lineup and schedule below.

October 25:

O.I., dir. Victoria Burkhart and N'Cee Van Heerden
It Lives In The Closet, dir. Camille Viollet
Bloodbreed, dir. Shawn Chiesa
Hearth, dir. Sophie B Jacques
The Clapper, dir. Alex Domenici
Hoarder, dir. Peter Fiorino
Feast, dir. Jake Pascoe
Make Me A Sandwich, dir. Denman Hatch
The Banshee, dir. Donncha Gilmore
Vessel, dir. Jeremiah Hutchens
Boo, dir. Rakefet Abergel
Puppet Killer, dir. Lisa Ovies

October 26:

#No_Filter, dir. Michael Dupret
Atomic Ed, dir. Nicolas Hugon & Lesueur mathieu
The Third Hand, dir. Yoni Weisberg & Margot Douglas
No One Will Ever Believe You, dir. Frédéric Chalté
Dance With A Demon, dir. Mitch Bax & Fiona Vroom
Dulce Hogar, dir. Gio Olmos
Ouroboros, dir. Melih Ozyilmaz & Umut Utku Serbetci
Kaya, dir. Catherine Fordham
Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre, dir. Ilja Rautsi
Consomme, dir. Catherine Fordham
Let's Go Down, dir. Phil Davis
Love Bite, dir. Xavier Nathan
Teen Aged, dir. Brendan Mitchell and Morgan Russo
Fever Dream, dir. Nils Kimmel
The Helping Hand, dir. Brenden Hubbard
Hysteria, dir. Kila Price
Here Comes Eddie, dir. Christopher Schrack
El Ayuwoki, dir. Gary Ye
Thirst Trap, dir. Steve Flavin
Red Moon, dir. Maya Fujino and Thomas Chrétien
#YouToo, dir. Jenne Decleir and Bjorn Pinxten