Ugh: 'Spring Breakers' Is Becoming a Web Series

Ugh: 'Spring Breakers' Is Becoming a Web Series
Harmony Korine's divisive 2012 film Spring Breakers managed to piss off plenty of people, from Riff Raff to not one but two of our critics. Still, whether you love it or hate it, there's no denying that the film is a singular and unique endeavour. And now, unfortunately, it's being turned into a web series.

Chris Hanley and Fernando Sulichin were both producers on the original film. According to Deadline, the show is becoming a digital series for a new platform called Blackpills. The Paris-based platform has not launched yet.

Hanley's Muse Productions has secured the rights to the film and will launch the Harmony Korine digital series with four scripted episodes.

"Muse has always been a pioneer in detecting new young talents, so they perfectly complement our vision at Blackpills," the company's co-founder Patrick Holzman said. "We want to engage new audiences by releasing Spring Breakers in an unconventional digital format beyond one typical for movies. Muse's passion for new progressive formats excites us and marks the start of a long partnership."

This isn't the first Spring Breakers property allegedly in the works. Some may recall that a semi-official sequel was being promoted back in 2014, though it was blasted by both James Franco and Harmony Korine. 

Neither Franco nor Korine are involved in the new projects, though they do have another film in the works with Gucci Mane.