There's a Terrifying New 'Bobbleheads' Movie and Cher Is in It for Some Reason

BY Josiah HughesPublished Dec 9, 2020

Long before there were Funko Pops, the best way for pop culture fanatics to express themselves in their cubicle was through the old-school bobblehead. These springy characters were certainly fun for two minutes before you let them collect dust, but their rapid, neck-aching movements do not make for good animated content. And that's quickly proven in the trailer for the new Bobbleheads movie.

The film didn't exactly come from nobody. It was directed by Kirk Wise, who also helped direct Disney's Beauty and the Beast and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Hell, he's even got a credit on Spirited Away. But Studio Ghibli this is not, as Bobbleheads will give you whiplash in the first few seconds of the trailer.

Adding to the strangeness, the film's voice cast is mostly people you've never heard of (along with Jennifer Coolidge and Luke Wilson), but it also includes a guest spot from Cher, for some reason.

Despite the fact that this will likely go down as one of the worst children's movies ever made, Cher was still honoured to be asked. Speaking with People, she said, "I've been famous for a million years, and no one has ever asked me to do voice-overs.... I do have a strange voice, I think, for voice-overs, because it's monotonous. I mean, when you see my face, it's better when I'm talking. But it's a very strange ... I don't even know. I hate hearing myself. So it's a strange voice."

When asked if she owned any bobbleheads herself, Cher added, "A friend of mine gave me one of me once.... I think I'm a little ... I don't know, I think I might be a little bit old [for them]."

Bobbleheads: The Movie is out now on digital platforms. But first you might want to watch a couple of head-shaking clips from it below. 


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