​'The Simpsons' Dubs in Quebec and France Are Very Different

​'The Simpsons' Dubs in Quebec and France Are Very Different
The Simpsons may be about a family located (somewhere) in America, but the series is broadcast and syndicated all over the world. As such, it's been translated and dubbed over in many different languages, but Francophones and non-French speaking people alike might be surprised at how different the show sounds in Quebec versus in France.
The individual quirks of each are outlined by Twitter user @matttomic in a comprehensive thread, which starts by stating that obviously "fans of the Quebec dub hate the European dub and vice versa."
He points out that the France version features standard Parisian accents, though a few characters are differentiated with regional accents (like the Van Houtens, who are Belgian), while the Quebec version primarily hears characters speaking in a thick, Montreal working-class dialect known as joual.

Additionally, the Quebecois version also rewrites certain jokes to make them more regionally appropriate, subbing in politicians' names or local dishes to replace U.S.-centric references.
The most impressive collision of the two dubs, though, comes in the Quebecois dub of Season 1's "The Crepes of Wrath" — in which the plot of the original English episode revolves around Bart learning how to speak French. The result is a mash-up of both Quebec French and Parisian French in a single scene, and it's both jarring and oddly impressive.
See the full thread and watch examples of the differing dubs down below.