'The Price Is Right' Doesn't Understand How Canadian Geography Works

It's just a hop, skip and jump to Lake Louise from Ottawa

Photo via @jenniferelle_ on TikTok

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Feb 3, 2023

It's been a big week for Canadian cameos on US game shows: after a "Worst Case Ontario" category appeared on Monday (January 30) night's episode of Jeopardy!, The Price Is Right has offered up a tantalizing Canadian travel prize to its contestants ā€” the trip just doesn't make much geographical sense.

TikTok user @jenniferelle_ drew attention to the show's confusing promised travel itinerary, which boasts round-trip coach flights from Los Angeles to Ottawa. That's normal enough, sure ā€” as long as you disregard the photo of the mountain shown on the screen. It's the next part that seems a little off.

From Ottawa, the winner and a guest will apparently "head to Lake Louise in a rental car for a six-night stay in a lake-view room at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise." For the uninitiated (we're talking to you, disembodied Price Is Right voiceover voice), Ottawa and Lake Louise are located in different provinces ā€” Ontario and Alberta, respectively. It's a casual 37-hour drive between the two.

Now we're left to wonder: does the two-plus nights spent on the road in a rental car count as part of the six-night stay? The Price Is Right offered a pseudo-answer, commenting on the video, "Our specialty is guessing prices, not travel time."

Well, if yer oot 'n' aboot in Ottawa, you might as well get at 'er to Lake Louise too.

Watch the clip of the show on TikTok below.
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