The People Who Bought the House from 'The Conjuring' Say They're Being Haunted

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jul 12, 2019

A married couple who purchased the house featured in the 2013 film The Conjuring now believe it's indeed haunted. 

Speaking with the Sun Journal, Cory Heinzen detailed some of the spooks he's encountered in his new home in Harrisville, RI.

"We had doors opening, footsteps and knocks," he said. "I've had a hard time staying there by myself. I don't have the feeling of anything evil, [but] it's very busy. You can tell there's a lot of things going on in the house."

That said, they're making the most of it, as the couple plan to open the home up to visitors.

"This whole journey has been both scary — for many reasons other than paranormal — and exciting all at once," Jennifer Heinzen added. "I love that we have the opportunity to share the home with others."

The film, which was directed by James Wan, is based on the real-life story of the Perron family, who lived in the historic Harrisville home in the 1970s and experienced their own share of terrifying events. 

The Conjuring movies were also recently caught up in a lawsuit that hinged on whether or not ghosts are real.


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