The Chainsmokers, Will Smith and NASCAR Are Making a Rom-Com

Buckle up.

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Aug 24, 2021

In today's edition of entertainment industry Mad Libs, it has been announced that Will Smith, the Chainsmokers and NASCAR are at work on a new rom-com. Yes, really.

Deadline reports that the Fresh Prince, the EDM duo and the auto racing company are putting the pedal to the floor on Clean Air, an upcoming romantic comedy from Amazon Studios set in the world of NASCAR.

Per the site, Clean Air plays out as follows:

The film follows Lyla, an ambitious sports agent who loses her superstar client before the start of NASCAR's season and decides to take a chance on a rebellious female dirt track racer, seventeen-year-old Piper Kyte. With her career on the line, Lyla's challenge—getting Piper NASCAR-ready—is only won if she can also reform Piper's reclusive father, Matthew Kyte, a former NASCAR champion who infamously walked away from the sport and hasn't been seen in four years.

Citing sources close to the production, Deadline reports that while Smith has no plans to star in the film at this time, he has been "very hands on in the process after reacting so strongly to the script."

Smith will produce through his Westbrook Studios, while the EDM duo of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart will executive produce through their Kick the Habit Productions — the very company that has promised us indie rock TV drama Demo and a film based on the Chainsmokers' "Paris."

Time will tell if Clean Air crosses the finish line or crashes and burns, but we'll pump the brakes on claiming what a rom-com should or shouldn't be for now. 

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