'Suicide Squad' Director David Ayer Apologizes for Saying "Fuck Marvel"

'Suicide Squad' Director David Ayer Apologizes for Saying 'Fuck Marvel'
The forthcoming DC Comics adaptation Suicide Squad officially hits theatres this Friday (August 5), and the film had its premiere over the weekend. It's since been crucified in its early reviews, which has perhaps led director David Ayer to do some soul-searching. After all, he's decided to apologize for a rather immature comment he made at the film's premiere.

In a vaguely twisted move that one might expect from Jared Leto's Hot Topic-ready rendition of the Joker, David Ayer decided to say "fuck Marvel" at some point during the film's premiere.

He's since offered a half-apology for the statement, claiming that he echoed someone else's statements:
Probably a good idea to keep everyone happy if you want to make more comic book movies.