'Space Jam 2' Rumours Resurface After LeBron James Signs Warner Bros. Deal

'Space Jam 2' Rumours Resurface After LeBron James Signs Warner Bros. Deal
After stealing scenes in Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow's beloved Trainwreck, it looks like LeBron James is going hard on an attempted acting career. And while his next potential role might not land him in the Criterion Collection, it'll certainly mean truckloads of money — the Cleveland Cavaliers hoop man is rumoured to be lacing up for an upcoming Space Jam sequel.

This morning, the Wall Street Journal reported that James had formed a partnership with Warner Bros. to work on movies and TV shows. While it wasn't named in the article, Capital New York reporter Alex Weprin pointed out that the news follows Warner Bros. filing new trademarks for Space Jam last month.
LeBron's Space Jam sequel has been discussed and debated for over a year, with the basketball icon famously denied his involvement last year.

That said, with this new deal a LeBron-led Space Jam sequel is pretty much a no-brainer. And while it'll likely be a dubious '90s nostalgia cash-grab, it's hard to know if anyone can turn in a worse performance than Michael Jordan, whose flat declarations like "let's play some basketball" sounded particularly dead in the lively world of Looney Tunes.

If there are updates on the way, that might mean that rights-holders will soon take down the film's original website from 1996. With a garish design and hilariously shitty frames, it's a true web relic from 1996. Peep it here while you still can.