'South Park' Reacts to Trump Win in True 'South Park' Fashion

'South Park' Reacts to Trump Win in True 'South Park' Fashion
If you've been keeping up with the latest season of South Park, you know that the now-finished American elections have been a focal point of Season 20. But now that a Giant Douche has triumphed over a Turd Sandwich, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are reacting to the win in a truly South Park fashion.

Following a recent "dark week" that left fans minus a new episode last Wednesday, South Park finally returns tonight (November 9) to help us make sense of our new world order. To tease the show's return, South Park has shared a teaser for tonight's episode.

As you can see in the clip below, Randy Marsh is pretty excited that "American is going to be great again," while his daughter Shelly tells us all how the country is going to straight up suck for the next four years (rather than simply call Randy a turd).

Randy then caps it all with this: "We've learned that women can be anything... except for president."

Watch the teaser below while you get yourself ready for tonight's new episode.