Sophie Turner Says the Infamous 'Game of Thrones' Coffee Cup Belonged to Kit Harington

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jun 7, 2019

It's safe to say people have mixed opinions about the final season of Game of Thrones, but at least we can all agree that a particular Starbucks coffee cup wasn't supposed to be in a shot in the third episode. Now, Sophie Turner (who played Sansa Stark) has shared her theory as to who the cup belonged to.
Turner appeared on Conan Wednesday night (June 5) and revealed that although she had previously thought Emilia Clark (a.k.a. Daenarys Targaryen) was to blame, she's now convinced it was Jon Snow actor Kit Harington's fault.
"First I blamed it on Emilia, but I don't think Emilia would do that," Turner said. "Kit is lazy and I think he would have done that. It was in front of Kit's chair and then obviously he moved and this picture was taken and it looked like it was in my seat, but I wasn't there."
"It was Kit," she eventually concluded. "It was a hundred percent Kit."
Turner's theory comes after Liam Cunningham, who played Ser Davos, accused Clarke of being the culprit — which she vehemently denied.
While we may never know the truth, there's also those water bottles to deal with.

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