Someone Stole the 'Cool Runnings' Bobsled from a Calgary Bar

Someone Stole the 'Cool Runnings' Bobsled from a Calgary Bar
Cool Runnings is a Canadian cinematic classic, but now its legacy is being tarnished after someone stole a bobsled from the film in Calgary.

The bobsled shell was recently stolen from the former Ranchman's building, with Calgary police saying they were alerted to the theft on Monday afternoon (October 26). According to police, the sled from the 1993 John Candy film was stolen sometime between October 21 and 25.

The sled had been gifted to the Ranchman's bar by the Disney film's production crew, and it had been hung outside below the roof of the Calgary country bar. Cool Runnings told the real-life tale of the Jamaica bobsled team competing in Calgary's 1998 Winter Olympics, and Ranchman's had served as one of the filming locations.

Ranchman's is currently up for lease after closing last month.

Following news of the theft, an original member of the Jamaican bobsled team featured in Cool Runnings is now pleading that whoever stole the sled bring it back.

"It's gone too far now," Devon Harris, who is now also chairman of the Jamaican Bobsled Federation, told the Canadian Press today. "Just bring it back."

The bobsled shell is painted the colours of the Jamaican flag — black, green and gold — and it was originally a gift from the Canadian bobsled team. The sled was then later painted for Cool Runnings.

"It's kind of like this work of art that somebody go hide in a basement and they are the only ones who have the opportunities to enjoy it," said Harris. "I have no idea what [they] are going to do with a sled. There's nothing they can do with it, right?"

He added that he thinks the theft is some sort of prank.

Police are currently examining security footage and asking that any potential witnesses come forward. A reward is also being offered for the bobsled shell's return.