Sex Drive Sean Anders

Sex Drive Sean Anders
What may be the most surprising thing about Sex Drive is how it managed to get a theatrical run. The teen sex comedy genre has been relegated to straight-to-DVD territory ever since the young man who fornicated with the pie married Willow and lived happily ever after.

However, here we have Sex Drive, an illogically written and bizarrely edited romp through a world of sarcastic Amish folks, exposed scrotums, inappropriate erections, reverse "Hot Lunches” and topless Christians with production values akin to classy porn.

The reason for its distribution, however, might have something to do with the several amusing moments that make it all strangely worthwhile despite its many glaring flaws.

The paper-thin plot follows teen virgin Ian Lafferty (Josh Zuckerman), his outspoken best friend Lance (Clark Duke) and his boyhood crush Felicia (Amanda Crew) on a cross-country trip from Chicago to Knoxville so that Ian can get pelvic with "Ms. Tasty,” a young woman he met on the internet.

Ian’s brother Rex (James Marsden), a homophobic gym bunny whose car they stole in order to make the trek, pursues the trio as they stumble across horny rednecks, crazy hitchhikers and mechanically inclined Amish folk (Seth Green).

Perhaps it’s the image of an adult-sized doughnut in a sombrero with a ten-inch dildo strapped to the front if it walking around a shopping mall or Felicia’s heartfelt conversation with an inmate who just happens to be sitting on the can that make a mostly dreadful movie worth viewing.

Better than that, however, is Anders’ tendency to keep many of the jokes in the background and unacknowledged. When the aforementioned dildo is placed in the shopping bag of a casual shopper without focus or mention, it is difficult not to laugh.

In fact, much of the humour in Sex Drive would best be described as a guilty pleasure, since most will be too embarrassed to admit that they found any of this drivel amusing. (Seville)