'Schitt's Creek' Reboot Is Something Creators Are "Considering All the Time," Says Executive Producer

Andrew Barnsley said, "The fear is, does it tarnish the legacy to go back and revisit them in the way that maybe the 'Entourage' movie did?"

BY Alex HudsonPublished Aug 29, 2023

Schitt's Creek ended back in 2020, but there's still hope that the beloved Canadian Schitt-com might not be over, since a reboot or spinoff is something that creators Dan and Eugene Levy are "considering all the time," according to one of the show's executive producers, Andrew Barnsley.

When asked about a reboot series or a movie, Barnsley told The Messenger, "It's something that we know there's demand and interest for it, really. It's something that I know Dan and Eugene [Levy] are considering all the time, and I think it's going to be a timing thing."

According to Barnsley, the creators still "love the world," but are cautious about tainting what they built with the original series: "The fear is, does it tarnish the legacy to go back and revisit them in the way that maybe the Entourage movie did?"

This corroborates what Eugene Levy has previously said about a possible Schitt's Creek reboot. He told Radio Times back in February, "I know my son Daniel has said this, we'd love to get together with these people again and take the show and the characters to yet another level. There's nothing in the works right now, to be honest, but you know, we've never stopped thinking about what might happen down the line. We're certainly open to anything, I think when the idea that is the right idea presents itself we'll probably act on it, I guess."

In June, the show's Annie Murphy told Today that she would "of course" be up for participating in a reboot.

Meanwhile, Dan Levy's calendar may be a little more open now that The Idol, which he appeared on, has been cancelled by HBO.

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