Roman Polanski's Rape Victim Speaks Out: "Much Worse Things Happened to People"

Roman Polanski's Rape Victim Speaks Out: 'Much Worse Things Happened to People'
Roman Polanski continues to face complicated legal issues after he was charged with raping a 13-year-old girl in 1977. Though attempts to extradite him back to the United States failed in 2015, the director is now considering a return to the country to finalize the case.

With court proceedings looming, TMZ has caught up with Samantha Geimer, the woman Polanski raped when she was just a teen. According to her, Polanski verbally agreed to serve 48 days in prison after pleading guilty to rape. As such, she thinks he's served his time and should go free.

Polanski's lawyer Harland Braun is petitioning the Los Angeles Supreme Court to unseal the 40-year-old plea deal, which he claims will prove that Polanski has served enough time. Polanski and Braun allege that Judge Rittenband later reneged on the plea deal, instead demanding that Polanski serve 50 years behind bars.

Geimer said she harbours no ill will toward Polanski for raping her. "He's apologized, I forgive him," she said. "I know that he's sorry and he didn't mean to hurt me. He's admitted what he did and he went to jail. I'm not going to carry a bunch of resentment. And much worse things happened to people, I'm aware of that. So I kind of feel like, you know, bad things happen."

Watch Geimer's video interview with TMZ below, and stay tuned for more information on Polanski's potential return to the United States.