PJ Harvey Shares Six New Songs from Shane Meadows' 'The Virtues' TV Series

You can also watch a video for "The Crowded Cell"
PJ Harvey Shares Six New Songs from Shane Meadows' 'The Virtues' TV Series
PJ Harvey is once again entering the cinematic realm with some new soundtrack material. Following her recent score to All About Eve, Harvey has teamed up with beloved This Is England director Shane Meadows for his new TV series The Virtues.

Meadows' mini-series recently aired on the U.K.'s Channel 4, and Harvey contributed six new songs to the show. With the soundtrack now out digitally via Invada, you can hear those all now.

In a statement, Harvey had this to say about the project:

I am so happy to have provided the original music for this extraordinary and powerful new drama by a director I have admired and followed all my life. Shane has a unique directness and sensibility to his work which I am drawn to and aspire to in my own work, so our collaboration was open and trusting. I sent Shane ideas as demos for him to try out as he edited and let him choose what he used and where to greatest effect. In the end we both loved how the demos worked so left them as they were, again adding to the raw beauty of the piece.

In addition, you can watch a new video for Harvey's "The Crowded Cell," which was also directed by Meadows. The clip is formed of footage from the closing credits of The Virtues and shot in Sheffield, featuring child actor Lee Pepper (who plays the younger version of Joseph in the show).
In a statement, Meadows explained: "We discover throughout the series that young Joseph ran away from a care home when he was nine years old. We shot these flashbacks on an old VHS camera that we bought the day before online which adds an authenticity to the footage." 

You can watch the video to "The Crowded Cell" below, where you can also stream the entire soundtrack to The Virtues. In addition to Harvey's tracks, there are previously released contributions from the likes of Aphex Twin, MONO, Set Fire to Flames and more.