Netflix Orders 'Blockbuster' Comedy Starring Randall Park

The comedy will take place in the last remaining Blockbuster in America
Netflix Orders 'Blockbuster' Comedy Starring Randall Park
In a real kick-them-when-they're-down move, Netflix has announced Blockbuster, a new comedy set in the last remaining Blockbuster video store in America.

Randall Park will lead the single-camera series, which was created by Vanessa Ramos, who was also involved in Superstore and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Happy Endings creator David Caspe and Jackie Clarke are on board as writers and executive producers. 

Netflix has also acquired the rights to Blockbuster, so the show will feature the company's logo and uniforms.  

Blockbuster feels like the final blow in the (at this point, very much one-sided and very-much over) battle between Netflix and Blockbuster, which started back in 2000 when Netflix creators Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph tried to sell the then-DVD-focused startup to Blockbuster for $50 million USD.

Since then, Netflix has obviously overtaken the video-rental behemoth, which went out of business in 2014. Except, of course, for the one location in Bend, OR, where Blockbuster will take place. The location was the subject of last year's documentary The Last Blockbuster

Back in 2019, Park finished a six-season run on ABC's Fresh Off the Boat and recently appeared on Disney+'s Wandavision. He'll also be reprising his role as Dr. Stephen Shin in DC Comics' upcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom