​Mysterious Harry Potter Election Signs Pop Up in London, ON

​Mysterious Harry Potter Election Signs Pop Up in London, ON
Voters in London, ON, have noticed some unusual campaign signs appearing around town. Rather than advertisements for the usual candidates from the Liberals, Conservatives and NDP, a slew of Harry Potter-related names have been showing up on posters.
In the London North Centre riding, it seems like Potter himself, Hermione Granger, Remus Lupin and Voldemort are all duking it out to win a seat.
Potter is representing the Gryffindor Party, Granger is the face of Dumbledore's Army, Lupin is for the Marauders, and Voldemort is the figurehead for Ontario's Death Eaters.
Twitter user @WesKinghorn shared photos of the four fake opposing party signs on Saturday morning (October 12), and the online debate is still going strong as to who would be best to lead the Muggles of London.
Kinghorn also implied that he's responsible for the signs, tweeting, "Let's just say they magically appear and disappear, only on our street!"
"Closer to the election, there can be a lot of divisiveness in our politics which is normal. That happens," he later told CTV. "So I think it's kind of fun to put something out there that everyone can get behind."
See some of the responses to the hilarious prank (art? political statement? whatever it is?) below.
London isn't the only city being infiltrated by fictional characters this election, though. One Twitter user replied to the thread, pointing out that Darth Vader is vying for a seat in Vancouver, while another showed Emperor Palpatine campaigning in Mississauga, ON.