Meet the Man Who Is Watching One Adam Sandler Movie Every Day for the Next Year

Welcome to the #YearOfSandler
Meet the Man Who Is Watching One Adam Sandler Movie Every Day for the Next Year
Critics and so-called cinephiles may have turned their backs on the Sandman many moons ago, but Eloy Lugo remains one of the world's most vocal Adam Sandler evangelists, constantly spreading the love on his Twitter and elsewhere. Last month, on September 9, Sandler celebrated his 51st birthday. To honour his hero, Lugo decided to launch the #YearOfSandler, a project that will see him watch one Sandler movie a day until September 9, 2018.
To be completely transparent, we weren't expecting Lugo to actually follow through with his promise, but it's now Day 27 and he's still going strong on the project. Baffled by his dedication to all things shabadoo, we caught up with Lugo to find out what's driving his Sandler obsession. Read our interview with the world's biggest Happy Madison fan below.

Why did you decide to watch one Adam Sandler movie every day for a year?

Adam Sandler has been a constant in my life since I was a child. I grew up watching him on SNL and obsessing over his albums and movies. I used to sneak a tape recorder into movie theaters and record audio from movies so I could listen over and over and memorize dialogues. I can't tell you how many arguments i've had over the years defending him. In 2016 I made this curated chronological playlist of his movies and stayed up all night with a bunch of friends to watch it. We called it SandlerCon and everyone came in costume as their favorite characters and I made a five-course menu inspired by his movies (ex: meatball served directly on your hand). It was really fun and stupid and we did again this year. I bought a huge prize wheel and put all of his movies on it and we spun it for 24 hours and watched whatever it landed on. That's kind of where the idea was born. I'm kind of a masochist and love endurance tests so I figured it would be fun and dumb to pair that with my genuine love of the Sandman.
What's the criteria for something to fit into the Year of Sandler? Does he just have to be involved in some way?

I'm only watching movies that he's in, including small cameos. Even then, there are only around 45 movies so I'm definitely gonna be doing a lot of re-watching. There should be three new ones released while I'm doing this so I'm excited to go watch some in theatres too.

Now that you're nearly one month in, what have you learned so far?

Finding the time to watch a movie every day is hard!

But for real, are you actually going to do this for a year?

That's the plan! Barring something catastrophic happening I will soldier on.
What's your favourite Sandler film and what's your least favourite? Which ones will you be repeating the most?

Billy Madison is the funniest movie of all time and holds a very special place in my heart, so I'd say that's my favourite. Least favourite is probably The Ridiculous 6, that's a hard one to sit through. I'm planning on doing a week of Punch-Drunk Love the week of October 9-15 for its 15 year anniversary and doing eight crazy nights of 8 Crazy Nights for Hanukkah, so I'm sure those two will be up there for the most repeats.

You seem to genuinely be an unironic Adam Sandler fan. Are people too hard on Adam Sandler?

My love for Sandler is definitely unironic and genuine. I think he's a fearless performer who's never gotten his due, he leans into the characters he plays hard. He's having fun with his friends and making silly movies and killing at the box office, can't knock his hustle. He also seems to be a genuinely nice guy and good husband and father, which makes it easier for me to like him.

The last time I was in LA, I was eating at the food court of the Grove with some friends and I saw Adam Sandler walk by wearing one of his childish outfits (a Superman T with cargo shorts). No one was around, but I was still way too nervous to ask for a selfie with him. Have you ever met the Sandman?

Wow, that sounds like a classic Sandler outfit! I haven't met him yet, but if you're reading this, Sandman, I love you! Let's hang! I'll bring the beers... I'll bring the beers.

Adam Sandler just walked by me in a perfect Adam Sandler outfit at The Grove lmao

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