'Making a Murderer' Getting Companion Piece 'Convicting a Murderer'

Director Shawn Rech will helm the series
'Making a Murderer' Getting Companion Piece 'Convicting a Murderer'
The tale of Brendan Dassey and Steven Avery captivated Netflix viewers when the first season of Making a Murderer was launched in 2015. While we await Netflix's second season of the show, obsessed viewers will soon get another series on the subject.

According to Deadline, documentary filmmaker Shawn Rech is working on a new series related to the grisly murder case. The show is called Convicting a Murderer.

"When Making a Murderer was produced, many on the law enforcement side of the story could not, or would not, participate in the series, which resulted in a one-sided analysis of the case," Rech said. "This docuseries will examine the case and the allegations of police wrongdoing from a broader perspective. It will also share with viewers the traumatic effects of being found guilty and vilified in the court of public opinion."

Rech's first documentary film was 2014's A Murder in the Park, which led to the release of the wrongfully convicted Alstory Simon who had been serving time for a 1982 double homicide in Chicago.

Convicting a Murderer will be shopped to different networks. Stay tuned for more information on its release as it becomes available.