The Love Punch Joel Hopkins

The Love Punch Joel Hopkins
The Love Punch is pretty pleasant to watch only because of who's in it. But for a film that has so much comedic potential, it feels disappointingly sparse.

Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson star in this caper comedy as Richard and Kate, a divorced couple for eight years who are both looking for something new. Kate wants to navigate the dating world again while Richard contemplates retirement as he recovers from a failed relationship with a much younger woman.

But as much as the pair wants to carry on with their lives separately, a case of stolen money becomes a blessing in disguise. As a sleazy French CEO named Vincent Kruger (played unconvincingly by Laurent Lafitte) buys and ruins Richard's company — including his colleagues' retirement funds — Kate and Richard need to join forces to recover lost pension.

Unlike any normal people who would take things to court, the pair hatches an outrageous plan that takes them to the French Riviera. Upon discovering that a $10 million diamond necklace worn by Kruger's glamorous fiancée (Louise Bourgoin) may be their only chance at getting what's rightfully theirs, the two embark on a jewel heist adventure. They invite their nosy friends Sophie and Jerry (Tuppence Middleton and Timothy Spall) along the ride, during several absurd shenanigans, but very few laughs, ensue.

Brosnan and Thompson are so delightful together that it's unfortunate they're stuck in a film that never really packs the punch the title promises. The Love Punch has a few humorous moments, not even the talents of its two leads are enough to do it justice.

The film is pretty predictable from the start through its 94-minute runtime. Audiences wouldn't need telepathic powers to see that Kate and Richard's allergies are only a build-up to the film's ridiculous cat-and-flower-themed climax, and the script's clichés and jokes about ageing (James Bond has a bad back, you guys!) are cringeworthy. That being said, there are definitely much worse things to watch than seeing talented actors kicking back and having some fun. Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson are cute together, and their delicious chemistry is enough to keep the film going.