Kenny VS Spenny: Season Two

During the first season of this fantastic Toronto series, which pits two roommates against each other in weekly challenges, you might have wondered if some of the incidents were scripted, as Kenny Hotz made the life of best friend Spencer Rice an absolute living hell. In the second season, you really question the authenticity of some of the clashes, as Kenny dupes Spenny into thinking his movie script was bought by Robert DeNiro and brings his friend to a near breakdown by tricking him into thinking he’s contracted HIV. Regardless of authenticity, the way the two bicker and squabble is often hilarious, and the lengths that Kenny will go to in order to rig the contests are poetic, at times. Why Spenny even agrees to take part in these weekly challenges is puzzling, but watching Kenny absolutely crush Spenny mentally time and again makes you thankful he keeps coming back for more. The DVD is a little light on extras, but does boast that it contains two episodes that were too raunchy for their CBC days: the artificial baby episode in which Kenny basically murders Spenny’s child, as well as a segment on who would make a better stripper, which includes plenty of pasty asses of Toronto’s less attractive dancers. There are a handful of deleted scenes worth watching but there’s no option to watch them all at the same time. Kenny and Spenny provide commentary on two episodes as well, which, as you can guess, is just more bickering and smart-ass jabs, but it’s worth a listen even though the real entertainment lies in the episodes. (VSC)