Kenny Vs Spenny: Season Three

While the concept isn’t one you’d expect to have legs for three seasons, it appears the well that Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice drink from for inspiration is far from dry. In fact, it might just be laced with acid. To date, their perverse stunts and simple-minded challenges have pretty much stripped them of any dignity they ever had, but they seem to know what the viewers want: Spenny being tricked into thinking he has radiation poisoning from an x-ray machine and Kenny faking his mother’s death so he can win a ten-mile race. Season three features two of the show’s best episodes to date, both of which get commentaries. Despite Spenny admitting, "this episode is bullshit,” "Who Can Imitate the Other Guy Better?” is arguably the duo’s finest moment yet, as they go head-to-head in each other’s shoes. While Spenny just tries to act like a self-righteous slob, Kenny uses his best besmirching effort to make Spenny break character by singing about how his grandpa raped him and by eating brownie mix moulded like poo ("You didn’t do me! I don’t eat shit!” says Spenny), which Kenny states is one of his favourite things he’s ever done. The most controversial episode though is "Who Can Wear A Dead Octopus On Their Head the Longest?,” where Kenny actually drugs Spenny with LSD. The octopus concept is already absurd enough as it is but Spenny’s altered state, which forces him to shit himself, takes it up a notch. Even with the bad post-production edits and trippy effects (which Kenny denounces in the commentary), it’s a brilliant feat that shows Hotz knows no limits. Perhaps the worst part of all though is the humiliation, where Spenny is forced to eat sushi off of Kenny’s hairy ass. That is actually an act of kindness, considering the original idea for humiliation was to make Spenny give their friend’s cat a "rim job” — and yes, it does happen and is included here as an outtake. Tasteless? Of course, but that’s why we watch, right? (VSC)