Just Go With It Dennis Dugan

Just Go With It Dennis Dugan
"Tell your girlfriend it's a romantic comedy" is how they're selling Adam Sandler's latest venture, Just Go With It. But even if you do manage to dupe your best gal into seeing this movie, I guarantee it won't be her that leaves the theatre feeling punk'd.

Just Go With It is a rom-com pretending it's a screwball comedy about a guy pretending he's married. After getting screwed over by his bride-to-be, Adam Sandler discovers the power of the wedding ring when it comes to picking up chicks. Sleazy though it might be, it stops him from having his heart stomped on, so we sympathize with him, dig?

Fast forward a couple decades and Sandler, now a successful plastic surgeon, meets the woman of his dreams (Brooklyn Decker), sans ring. But when she discovers the ring in his pocket, he has to come up with a snappy story quick. He enlists his assistant – a supposedly frumpy Jennifer Aniston, supposedly playing against type – and her kids to be the fake family he's divorcing. Shenanigans ensue.

The whole gang, including Sandler's cousin (played by Nick Swardson, who adopts a particularly grating German accent), head to Hawaii to bond as an unconventional family unit. Shockingly, Sandler realizes that Decker isn't all she's cracked up to be and that Aniston, now prettied up so she can look like the wife of a plastic surgeon, might actually be his true love after all.

It's kind of amazing how quickly you'll stop caring about all the characters in this film – their level of self-involvement obscures any positive characteristics they might have bubbling under the surface. But far worse, the movie's just not funny. How bad is it? Griffin Gluck (who plays Aniston's young son, Michael) steals every scene he's in. That's both a compliment to him and a dig at everyone else in this film. (Sony)