John Lennon Biopic 'Nowhere Boy' Is Becoming a Musical

John Lennon Biopic 'Nowhere Boy' Is Becoming a Musical
This year marks a decade since Sam Taylor-Wood chronicled the adolescence of John Lennon in Nowhere BoyNow, the biopic is being developed into a stage musical.

The musical is in the early development stages, Deadline reports. Like the aforementioned film, the production will focus on Lennon's relationships with mother Julia Lennon and aunt Mimi Smith, in addition to the formation of the Quarreymen and their road to becoming the Beatles.

Producers Brian and Dayna Lee of AF Creative Media and Robyn Goodman and Josh Fiedler of Aged in Wood have acquired the rights to Nowhere Boy for the production, and are looking to set a U.K. premiere date "in the next few years."

The Lees told Deadline that producers are approaching the musical as a "play with music," seeking not to incorporate Beatles songs, but rock'n'roll hits of the late 1950s that inspired Lennon and his bandmates in their younger years.

Deadline adds that producers have no immediate plans to seek additional life or music rights, reporting that Yoko Ono is aware of the project but has no involvement.

Last year, it was revealed that Lennon's relationship with Ono would be getting a biopic treatment of its own, with a Canadian director at the helm. Lennon and Ono's Wedding Album was also recently given an anniversary reissue.