Jamie Dornan Spat in a Rude Customer's Drink While Working in a Pub

"I just sat in glee whilst I watched him drink my saliva," he admitted on 'Hot Ones'

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 8, 2024

This is why you should never be rude to your server: actor Jamie Dornan has revealed that, in his pre-fame days working in a pub in London, UK, he spat in a rude customer's drink.

"There was a guy who used to come in. Honestly, I can close my eyes now and I can picture this prick's face," the 50 Shades star said while eating spicy chicken wings on Hot Ones. "He used to come in and click his fingers at me. Listen, I'm about to admit something I'm ashamed of, but a couple times, I spat in his drink."

Despite these feelings of shame, Dornan still took obvious pleasure in the memory, recalling, "He always order a gin and tonic, so you could sort of mix your spit in quite easily. I mean, that's what you get if you click your fingers at another human being. Sorry, I don't care. I just sat in glee whilst I watched him drink my saliva."

He concluded by calling it "one of my proudest moments," which says a lot coming from a guy who co-starred in Belfast.

Watch Dornan eat some spicy wings (that hopefully nobody spat on) below.

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