Into the Blue John Stockwell

Into the Blue John Stockwell
The casting of two beautiful specimens like Jessica Alba and Paul Walker may seem like a distraction for what is certain to be an aimless piece of fluff, but you'll be surprised with the sunken treasure of Into the Blue. The two main characters clad in swimsuits for about 80 percent of the film raise some questions, however, it makes this suspense attractive, which, as shameful as it is to admit, helps the story flow.

The Bahamas is the setting for sweethearts Jared (Walker) and Sam (Alba), along with Bryce (Scott Caan) and Amanda (Ashley Scott), to go snorkelling one day, only to find both an ancient and valuable sunken ship, and a recently crashed plane with 800 kilos of blow. Though they're willing to ignore the cocaine and go for the ship's fortune, local bad guys throw an unavoidable wrench into their plans, forcing the foursome to not only fight for their treasure but also their lives.

It's a no-brainer that Into the Blue isn't a smart or complex thriller; it is what it looks like — pretty people swimming for riches while dodging bullets and sharks — but it's better than you'd imagine. The location's deep blue water and array of sea life is as beautiful as the stars, who are both given ample room to strut their perfect features. As much as they're eye candy, Walker and Alba pull their weight with performances that are neither Oscar nor Razzy worthy, which means they're in top form.

For the first half of the movie — basically when it's pleasure not business — Caan supplies the film with a copious amount of one-liners that leave you not only laughing but wondering why this guy is always cast in such measly supporting roles (i.e., he nervously feeds a shark a mop and tries to get high off some coke dissolving under water). The suspenseful plot has some holes (how easy it is to escape!), but Stockwell does a fine job in pacing the film, timing each important moment fittingly to cover up for his mistakes.

Quite simply, Into the Blue is wonderful to look at (just try not to notice Alba's bum as it's constantly shoved in your face) and holds enough grip for the thrill seekers, including a number of exciting and believable shark moments, which any action fan is sure to appreciate. Unexpectedly, this is a recommended film. (Sony)