Here's When 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Season 11 Will Premiere

Larry David and co. will return to HBO on October 24
Here's When 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Season 11 Will Premiere
We've finally got an official release date for the 11th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm — according to a teaser trailer released today, Larry David and co. are officially returning to HBO on October 24. 

The 30-second teaser doesn't show anything in the way of new footage, but it does promise that while the world has changed, Larry David hasn't. While there's been no real word on what the new season has in store, Jeff Garlin told The Ringer back in April that there would be one — and only one? — episode about COVID-19. 

When asked about how the new series deals with the pandemic earlier this month at the Creative Emmy Awards, Curb co-star J.B. Smoove said:

I can't tell you guys everything, but what I can say is Larry is really good at attaching his humour to the world and that's consistently what he has done since Curb has been on HBO. He's a master at it. He has this thing he does where he attaches himself and his thoughts and his opinions to the beat of whatever is going on in the world. You gotta watch and see what Larry does. He's a genius, he really is.

The new season will premiere on October 24 at 10:40 pm E.T., with new episodes arriving on subsequent Sundays at 10:30 pm E.T. 

Watch the teaser below.