Fired Up! Will Gluck

Fired Up! Will Gluck
Fired Up! is about as good as its poster. Perhaps you've seen it around town? The poster contains nothing more than the film's title (with the letters "F" and "U" enlarged - you don't need to be Fellini to decode that symbolism) and the tagline, "2 guys, 300 girls: you do the math." No illustrations, no names, just a forgettable title and a vaguely suggestive tagline.

If possible, the film itself is even more slapdash and generic than the poster, so do yourself a favour: look at the poster, read the tagline and walk away content that you have experienced everything Fired Up! has to offer while saving yourself 89 minutes.

Ah, but this is a movie review, so for the sake of form I should note that Nicholas D'Agosto (who?) and Eric Christian Olsen (who?) star as a pair of out-for-the-conquest college football players who enrol in a cheerleading camp in hopes of ploughing their way through 300 potential bed mates. And plough they do, scoring a bevy of some of the most dim-witted, poorly written female characters in recent years until, wouldn't you know, D'Agosto falls in love with the team captain and considers leaving his days of rampant hooking-up behind. And, hey, wouldn't you know, our heroes end up caring about the big competition.

Yes, all the clichés are here but what sets Fired Up! apart from its raunchy brethren is its startling level of misogyny, depicting almost every one of its female characters as empty-headed sluts, and offering one of the least likeable comedy duos since Bio-Dome. (Another character, a gay Indian cheerleader, kills two birds with one stone by supplying both the film's racist and homophobic content.)

Fired Up! doesn't even work as a sex comedy - this PG-13 production is so neutered that even the end-credit bloopers are bleeped. (Sony)