Edgar Wright Is Making a Sparks Documentary

Edgar Wright Is Making a Sparks Documentary
Sparks stand as one of rock'n'roll's most beloved cult acts, but they will soon be getting a whole lot more exposure thanks to a new documentary directed by Edgar Wright.

The filmmaker behind such films as Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Baby Driver made the reveal in a new interview with IndieWire.

"I already shot their London concert in late May. The rest of is it [to be determined] and we're currently scouring the archives," Wright said. "I have been a fan of them since I saw them on Top of the Pops in 1979 — and when I had 'Beat the Clock' on vinyl."

He added on Twitter that the film not only in development, but it is 100 percent in the works.
  At this point, however, it's unclear when we might expect the upcoming Sparks documentary or what it may be called.

Sparks were formed in 1972 by brothers Ron and Russell Mael, the constant driving force behind the wildly eccentric and always fascinating project. While the band have released more than 20 albums over the years, they most recently delivered their full-length Hippopotamus in 2017.