Double Take George Gallo

Double Take George Gallo
Within the first few minutes you can tell where this sadly predictable movie is going to take its audience. Orlando Jones puts in a mediocre attempt of playing Daryl Chase, a ridiculously wealthy and successful investment banker who's life is about to be turned upside down and downright wacky when he's framed for murdering a couple of cops and becoming the center of a multi-million dollar drug operation. Oh the hilarity!

And if that doesn't make things funny enough, add some dreadful, loudmouth comedy styling of Eddie Griffin, who plays Freddy Tiffany, Chase's street-smart counterpart. After foiling an attempted mugging that Chase is the victim of, Tiffany just seems to pop up out of nowhere to surprise the uptight suit. He invites himself into Darryl's office (not funny) and then he turns some posh model show out (not funny). All of a sudden, Griffin's entire repertoire of jokes are out of the bag, and we're only 20 minutes into the movie.

After Darryl is framed for murder, he finds himself making a run to the Mexican border on the command of a CIA agent. While at the train station, he runs into Freddy (again?) and the two put heads together and decide to switch clothes in the washroom to try and fool the heat. By doing this they have now switched identities and the comedy bar is risen another notch.

More brainless mishaps ensue, but what would a drug-smuggling flick be without some explosions and shoot ‘em ups? If there's anything worse than the tiresome wisecracks it's the senseless violence and idiotic one-liners that follow. And just when you think that this story that's dragged on long enough has come to an end, more back-stabbing and false identities ease their way in.

The idea of Double Take really isn't that bad. It could have been pulled off with a better script (can you believe Gallo also wrote Midnight Run?) and much more subtle humour. Instead everything is in your face and the humour is dumbed down to a pre-teen level. The original plan was to have Chris Tucker and Chris Rock play the leads, instead we get two half-assed equivalents who clearly aren't ready for playing lead roles.