​Diane Keaton Voices Support for Woody Allen

"Woody Allen is my friend and I continue to believe him"
​Diane Keaton Voices Support for Woody Allen
In the wake of the #MeToo and Time's Up movements, a number of prominent actors have denounced their former work with Woody Allen — but the director's friend and frequent collaborator Diane Keaton has now taken to Twitter to voice her support for the accused sexual abuser.
Yesterday (January 29), Keaton tweeted: "Woody Allen is my friend and I continue to believe him."
She accompanied the tweet with a 60 Minutes interview clip from 1992, in which Allen denies all of the allegations against him.
The director was infamously accused of molesting his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow when she was seven years old. She maintains that he led her into an attic and sexually assaulted her, and to this day continues to criticize Hollywood for letting Allen off the hook.
She recently made her first television appearance to speak about the allegations on CBS.

Farrow's claims have never been proven in court, though in the custody battle between Allen and his former wife Mia Farrow, the judge said there was "probable cause" to prosecute Allen, but dropped it because the alleged child victim was to "fragile" to undergo trial.
Like Keaton, Alec Baldwin has also recently taken to publicly defending Allen.
Other actors like Ellen Page, Greta Gerwig and possibly Kate Winslet, meanwhile, have been using their platforms to express regrets over working with the director.