'Dune' Is Apparently Coming Out in Theatres After All

The news follows Denis Villeneuve's scathing response to Warner's plan to have his film premiered directly on HBO Max
'Dune' Is Apparently Coming Out in Theatres After All
It appears Dune will be getting a proper theatrical release after all, with news breaking that WarnerMedia has reversed its decision to premiere the film first on HBO Max. Of course, this should very much please director Denis Villeneuve, who was more than a little angry about the prospect of releasing his epic sci-fi film directly through the streamer.

The news comes via Deadline, which reports Warner has ditched its controversial day-and-date release pattern for Dune. Instead, Dune will now reportedly first premiere at the Venice Film Festival this September and then have an exclusive theatrical run for a limited time before heading over to HBO Max.

However, the news is somewhat buried in Deadline's report about the $43 billion USD merger between AT&T's WarnerMedia and Discovery, and the release plan is still a bit confusing. While Deadline does report Dune will indeed head to theatres, Warner Bros distribution chief Jeff Goldstein said there was "no change" to the October 1 date for the film and that it would be coming to HBO Max on that date.

Also, it's unclear if any of this will have any impact on the Canadian release of Dune. After all, Canada does not have HBO Max, nor are theatres open again here yet. But by the sounds of things, Warner is planning something a little different for Dune's rollout, and it will involve some kind of theatrical release.

For now, we'll have to wait a bit longer for official word from Warner on how all this is exactly going to work.