Counselling Is Available for 'Game of Thrones' Fans Who Need to Talk Through the Finale

Counselling Is Available for 'Game of Thrones' Fans Who Need to Talk Through the Finale
The Game of Thrones finale may have prominently featured some bottles of water, but that doesn't mean it quenched everyone's thirst. Complaints about the final season of the show included everything from a viral petition to cast members having trouble hiding their disdain for the show. If you're still having a crisis over the show's finale, there's now a counselling service available for you.

According to a new listing on the professional services site Bark [via Unilad], you can now hire a counsellor to talk through your issues with the series.

"Are you distraught by the thought of Game of Thrones ending?" the listing reads. "The finale of the show was always going to leave fans distraught after eight years of enjoyment, so we've launched a specialised Game of Thrones counselling service to help bereft fans seek support and get the help they need through this tough time."

They've also promised that their counsellors are familiar with the show, meaning you can indulge in spoilers while you work through the agony of your fandom.

"Fans can speak to qualified counsellors (who are familiar with the series) to discuss plot twists and storylines," the writeup reads. "The professionals will help them digest their feelings and interpretation of the show, which could range from anger and confusion to sadness and grief. Most importantly the counsellors will be on hand to guide fans on how to move on after almost a decade of fandom."

Of course, this won't be free. The British site lists its counselling sessions in pounds, and they will run you £20 for a 30 minute session and £40 for an hour session. That's approximately $35 and $70 CAD, respectively.

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