California Theatre Pulls 'Joker' Screenings After "Credible Threat"

Police were called to the scene in Huntington Beach yesterday
California Theatre Pulls 'Joker' Screenings After 'Credible Threat'
There's been a mass hysteria in the lead-up to Todd Phillips's dark new film Joker, and now that it's in theatres, multiple cinemas have ramped up their security to prevent against potential incel violence. The film has been officially out for a few hours, and already a theatre has closed amid fears for public safety.

While details are scarce, The Hollywood Reporter explains that the Century Huntington Beach cinema in southern California shut down during the film's early release yesterday (October 3) after police received a "credible threat."

The exact nature of the threat was unclear, but the venue stopped showing films altogether after 7 p.m. local time. That said, Joker is back on the docket at the theatre today. 

The film has been criticized by some for its potential to inspire copycat killing sprees, with many pointing out similarities between Joaquin Phoenix's portrayal of the Joker and the man behind the 2012 Aurora shooting that took place at a movie theatre during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises.
Phillips has previously responded to concerns about the violence in Joker by throwing John Wick under the busblaming the "far left" for commodifying outrage and claiming that the realism of the violence was "actually very responsible."
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